Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're not getting any younger!

A few nights ago, I was prowling  I had been looking to see if one of my conquests had e-mailed me back.. I was being impatient and left myself logged in.  The danger of doing this, is that people see you are online and they can IM you.  Now I have only gotten a few IMs on and they were all from creepy foreign sounding men.  This night I got an IM from a local guy.  Vinnie (something) is 36 and lives in Westbrook.  He had a nice picture posted, and his profile sounded promising.  Based on this, I accepted his IM and started conversing with him.  It started out normal enough, introductions, small talk, and the inevitable question, "What brings you to"  Vinnie asked me if I'd wanted to have children one day.  This is a fair question, since my profile is vague on the subject.  Vinnie really wants kids, and is looking for a long term relationship and someone to raise a family with.  I told him truthfully that I would be willing to raise children if and when I met the right guy.  This is when things got weird.  He seemed to be in a hurry to determine if I was his Ms. Right.  He made it clear that he's looking for the mother of his children, and not interested in casual dating.  At this point he told me "we're not getting any younger you know".  Excuse me!!  Speak for yourself.. Last I checked men could procreate till the day they die.  As a woman it's my job to worry about my biological clock, I certainly didn't need this guy (whom I hadn't even met yet) to get on my case about it.  I promptly closed the IM and blocked him from my profile.  Adios Vinnie!

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