Sunday, November 14, 2010

Done "fishing" for now.

In the wake of last week's POF incident, I have taken down my profile on the site.  Of course I have done that before only to reinstate it at a later date.  You know me, just a glutton for punishment.  I am keeping up my latest profile for now.  Things are moving slowly on there at the moment.  There are so many tales I have yet to share that I've got stashed away.  I can keep everyone entertained for a while yet! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010 again

A few weeks ago, I took down my long standing profile.  I'd used the same one for 5-6 years now.  Same screen name, same pics (some new some old), same write up.  I'd canceled it last month for good.  I finally just decided to erase it all together, and start fresh.  I am always the optimist, so I thought maybe an all new profile would do me some good.  I started all over, new pics, new screen name, and newer, simpler write up.  It's been a couple of weeks and I've not met anyone new.  Actually a bunch of the same guys I'd either talked to, or rejected in the past are giving the "new me" a chance.  Too funny, I guess I should not have expected different.  But it's worth giving it another month.  As always, at least I'll get some good stories out of it.  I also have to thank Sarah and Dave for going through with me Monday night and helping me "wink" at some new guys.  It's fun to get someone else's opinion.  Of course it's also always fun to pick out the weirdos and laugh at them too!  I had a blast.

Got Pix?

Sunday night I decided to log into Plenty Of Fish to see what was new.  I hadn't logged in for a while, pretty much giving up on the site.  I found an e-mail from a 28 year old (somewhat cute) guy from RI.  His e-mail caught my eye since it was unusually normal for POF.  A copy of the text follows:

It's really hard to find people on this site that are on for the right reasons as well as that are real. I have been on the site a couple months now and let me tell you, Its crazy out there in the internet dating world. You come across some weird people on here, and a lot of them are immature and just looking to get attention from the opposite sex.
I'm sure you have gotten some silly emails as well. Especially the classic one liner emails hahaha don't be shocked but girls do it too... I think that if you are interested in someone then you need to put forth a great effort to do so, and that comes in all aspects of life, unfortunately some people don't get it.

So anyways... tell me a lil bit about yourself, like where are you originally from, What's your occupation, and what do you like to do in your spare time etc.
How long have you been single? I have been single a little over a year now and I just started getting back into the dating scene once again.

Ok I think I rambled enough for the first email, just getting the conversation flowing :o) So if your up for chatting that would be great. Hey...what's the harm in that
Hope your having a great day and I look forward to hearing from you soon....

Based on this, I decided to drop this guy a line.  It turned out we shared some interests, and seemed like we were looking for the same things.  After the second e-mail exchange I was so excited at the prospect that I jumped in and swapped phone numbers with him.  Just an hour or so later, Joe sent me a text message.  We went back and forth exchanging pleasantries and talking about our jobs.  He asked if I had any more pics I'd like to share.  I sent him a few I had on my phone, that were recent and somewhat flattering.  He sent me one of him, and as he'd been on the site, he was absolutely adorable.  Next he asked for a "body shot" and I made the major mistake of saying "sure" thinking he just meant a shot of him standing (not a head shot).  What he sent me was a picture of his hairy man gut in the mirror.  Nothing to brag about, as it appeared he was working on a set of 30 pack abs!  I was perplexed, but not nearly as stunned as I was to receive his follow up.  Yes, folks.. he sent me a picture of his penis.  There it was in all it's glory.. standing at attention and all!  I debated about what to say in response.. or whether to respond at all.  After a while, he asked me to send a pic of myself.  I decided to respond with "I thought you were not like all those other weirdos on the web site?"  To which he responded with "Really.. I'm not, I just think you're cute!  How bout some pics?".  When I didn't respond he waited till yesterday morning to start texting me asking where the pics are.  I kept on ignoring, here we are on Thursday night.. and he's still texting and I'm still ignoring him.  I really think it may be time to take down that POF profile for good.