Thursday, November 11, 2010 again

A few weeks ago, I took down my long standing profile.  I'd used the same one for 5-6 years now.  Same screen name, same pics (some new some old), same write up.  I'd canceled it last month for good.  I finally just decided to erase it all together, and start fresh.  I am always the optimist, so I thought maybe an all new profile would do me some good.  I started all over, new pics, new screen name, and newer, simpler write up.  It's been a couple of weeks and I've not met anyone new.  Actually a bunch of the same guys I'd either talked to, or rejected in the past are giving the "new me" a chance.  Too funny, I guess I should not have expected different.  But it's worth giving it another month.  As always, at least I'll get some good stories out of it.  I also have to thank Sarah and Dave for going through with me Monday night and helping me "wink" at some new guys.  It's fun to get someone else's opinion.  Of course it's also always fun to pick out the weirdos and laugh at them too!  I had a blast.

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