Sunday, October 3, 2010

Criss Cross Tomato?

I will back up a few weeks to the date that wasn't.  I met John on Plenty of Fish the first time I signed up for the site.  I was on the site for only a week or so.  I left suddenly when one of the other guys I had been corresponding with got a little too pushy and began to freak me out.  I had already given John my personal e-mail but he had not been using it.  I didn't think to tell him that I was leaving the site, and when I did he finally wrote me on my AOL account.  He expressed his regrets that he may have said something to offend me.  I was taken with his concern, and since he seemed like a genuine guy, I kept writing to him.  He mentioned that he liked to get to know someone on the phone before meeting in person, so we swapped numbers.  He began texting me almost daily.  We arranged to meet once, but I had to cancel at the last minute.  We continued to get to know each other through texting for a few weeks and I felt comfortable with him.  I really just wanted to meet him in person and see if there was any chemistry.  Regardless of how someone comes off in e-mails or phone calls, there is no substitute for a face to face encounter.  We arranged to meet before work one day.  I didn't have to be to the store till 1pm, and it left plenty of time for coffee.  I made plans to meet John at the DD across from Clinton Crossings.  I figure it's a busy spot, nice an safe and near to work.  I got there ahead of time and waited in my car.  As I wasn't sure what John looked like, I asked him what kind of car he drove so I'd be able to spot him.  He told me a black Chevy pick up.  I was not surprised when a guy in a black Chevy Colorado (with the words Criss Cross Tomato keyed into the side) parked next to me and rolled down his window.  John didn't exactly introduce himself, but rather just started talking.  Mostly about the traffic, his plans for the day, etc.  After a few minutes I began to wonder if I should suggest we go inside for coffee.  He made no moves to get out of his truck, and I don't think he shut the engine off either.  He rather just sat there talking through the open window.  After more chat about this that and the other thing, I began to realize he had no plans to get out of the car.  I would have suggested it, but at this point I was feeling kind of awkward.  The more John talked the less interested I became.  He talked a lot about his family, and complained about them to.  It seemed no matter what he talked about, he'd state a positive then turn around and complain.  The deal breaker came when he gave my Dodge Caliber a once over and asked me "so, do you like that thing?".  There was no mistaking the look of distaste on his face.. bad move, John.  No one makes fun of my vehicles.  I got super defensive and explained to him my decision process in choosing that car over any other.  Then I realized that I had no reason to explain myself or my car to him.  I looked at him and asked "well what the heck is Criss Cross Tomato?"  He didn't know... it just launched him into complaining about the cost of getting it re painted.  Thankfully it was time to go to work, so I excused myself.  He did send me a text the next day saying it was nice to meet me, and that the traffic going home was awful.  I don't remember what I said in response, but I have never heard from him again.  I wondered for a while why he didn't get out of his truck.  I guess it could have been many reasons.. but in the end he insulted my car.  That is what I won't forget.  See ya, John!

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