Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Truly Dodged a Bullet

This is an example of when I should have listened to my first reaction and NOT given a second chance.  Paul first contacted me several days ago.  He told me he like my profile and felt like we were looking for the same things.  I was so relieved that he sounded like a nice, normal, level headed person that I really didn't read his profile all the way through.  Had I read it I never would have replied at all.
The second e-mail he sent he mentioned going to see WWE Raw.  He made a joke about his "white trash" taste in television.  I responded saying (jokingly) that I'd never judge someone's taste in TV as long as he didn't think Linda McMahon would have made a great senator.  This should have been my first clue as to what was to come.  He jumped to Linda's defense and bashed Blumenthal.  Now I respect opposing views but since I don't agree with this guy I figure the best thing to do would be to ignore him.  When I didn't write back, he wrote again the following day changing the subject.  I still had nothing to say so I wrote a simple "hope you had fun at WWE".  He wrote back asking to exchange numbers.  At this point I decided to revisit his profile.  This is when I read the following;
"I am not a fan of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, Gore or any other delusional progressive morons.  I am also a faithful Catholic.  If you don't believe in God then we don't have much in common." According to his profile he also hates country music.
Upon reading this I decided this guy was WAAAAY too conservative for my taste.  I don't discuss politics or religion on dates but if this guy feels so strongly then eventually it would cause friction.
I wrote to him, to be fair as I hate when guys just start ignoring me with no apparent reason.  I basically stated the following;

Hi Paul,
In reading your profile further, I really don't think we have much in common.  I have very liberal views in all aspects of life.  I also believe in living a spiritual life, but am not a religious person.  I repect all views and beliefs and believe in simply living a good honest life.  And I love country music.  I wish you all the best.

The response I received was this;

"Sad that you are a liberal, wish you would wake up from the fog that "everything should be equal" is somehow a realistic idea.  Here's a clue sweetheart, the whole Obama ideology of everyone should be equal is DUMB.  If life was equal, what the **** do we need a food chain for?"

Since he sent this earlier this evening, he has since changed his profile headline to read "no liberals please!"  Good riddance!

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