Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yertle part 2

A week and a half went by since I sent Tim the goodbye e-mail, and I received his response.  I figured if I did not respond to his request for a second chance, my silence would speak volumes.  Just today I was thinking what a relief it was that he let it go, and did not respond.  I jinxed myself.  As I was eating my dinner at work, I got a text message from Tim.  He reiterated what he said in his e-mail and again asked for a second chance.  I pondered a response carefully.  If silence didn't work before I wouldn't now.  I responded saying, I just felt like there were many reasons we would not work out.  Sorry.  As I was getting home tonight I got a text again from Tim.  It said, "Hi Allison, is it the distance?".  Ugh.  I had to restrain myself from responding with one of my typical useless facts.  Hey, Tim, did you know Connecticut is the third smallest state in the country?  So, no distance is not an issue.  I have wanted to spare him the brutal truth of; we have no chemistry, we have nothing to talk about, your date night conversation depressed me, and you don't like to do anything!  So I have sent my reply of "I just don't wish to pursue a relationship".  Part of me (a small part) feels a little bad that I didn't go on that second date.  Perhaps he would have been ok.. but a larger part of me feels like my instincts with him were right on.  A little voice inside me said to run, so I am or at least I'm trying.

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  1. soooo, let's just hope that your dream with him at your sisters isn't actually some weird psychic thing and he shows up.... just sayin'....